How To Grow Your Business

Master your mindset, financials, branding, and. growth marketing in Tyson's all-in-one business growth consulting services.

Launch & Expand Digital Presence

Partner with Tech Start to launch, grow, audit, or optimize every aspect of your business including branding and growth marketing. Our digital designers and marketers can help you start systematically growing your business with the power of the internet.


What Clients Say

Dontae Scott

“Tyson’s ability to connect with people and help them understand what he is teaching is unparalleled”

Logan Hand

“We have been in the trenches flipping homes across the nation for almost a decade, he is one of the best to do it.”

Ricardo Sanchez

“I met Tyson in 2015, I hadn’t started flipping yet, but I was ready to take the leap. Within a few months of coaching, I purchased and completed my first flip. He helped me with contracts and dialed in my sales process.”

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